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EVG launched the Livestock Service & Sales department in 2013 with the aim to increase support for our clients and complement the traditional work delivered by our vets. The team can and does work very closely alongside the farm veterinary team but also functions independently dealing with all livestock keepers not just our vet clients. Our team of highly skilled veterinary technicians offer a wide range of quality, affordable on-farm services to all our farm and smallholders clients.

As well as the wide range of services available our two R-SQP Animal Health Advisors can also advise you on your internal and external parasite control, vaccinations and mineral supplementation issues. This advice is backed up by an extremely comprehensive and competitively priced portfolio of animal health products. The team also manage a fast and efficient ear tag service, from full runs to EID and replacement tags we can cater for all your animal’s ear tag requirements.

Livestock Services

Our Livestock Service & Sales team also offer our dairy clients advice on all their dairy hygiene issues. We believe that if we offer quality advice we must also be able to offer a quality solution that we could stake our reputation on. That is why we as a practice chose to become agents for Agroserve Dairy Hygiene products as we believe them to be the market leaders in dependable dairy chemical. Dairy chemicals are not the only products our Livestock Service & Sales department can offer dairy clients, we boast a huge product portfolio of dairy sundries ranging from clothing, gloves and footwear to liners, heat detection, calf rearing equipment, buckets, brushes and so much more, you only have to ask the question.

Contact details

Barry Ewens R-SQP
Lead Veterinary Technician & Sales
07876 823912

Rachel Light R-SQP
Sales & Veterinary Technician
07823 343260

Donna Withers
Veterinary Technician
07717 643179

Emily Smith
Veterinary Technician
07855 420570

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