Sheep Production

Sheep Production

Small ruminant production

We offer a comprehensive, flexible and individually tailored flock health approach to farms, from small to large, size is no object. When developing preventative interventions, or instigating an investigation into a health problem, we strive to apply sound, evidence-based principles. Equally, many years of experience allows us to have the benefit to make the most of clinical observations and to select the most streamlined diagnostic tools. We are prompt in our response to our client’s needs and committed to a quick turn round for samples submission, processing and reporting.

Sheep Production

Listed are some examples of the routine interventions we carry out with our existing clients:

  • Detailed ram pre-tupping clinical examination; semen collection and examination
  • Pre-tupping ewe body condition scoring and sampling for trace elements profile
  • Sampling ewes pre-lambing for metabolic profile (energy and protein profile on blood) and estimation of concentrate feed supplementation
  • Periodic faecal egg counts carried out in our internal lab. You will receive feedback from a vet within 24h from submission
  • We are in the process of developing semen collection for freezing and artificial insemination for ewes and does
  • We can ultrasound scan for pregnancy smaller flocks and we are fully integrated with the LSS Team to offer the best services to our small holder clients (foot trimming; shearing; vaccination; drenching)

Based on the above, we can develop a package of routine interventions and break the costs in monthly instalments.

We have a specific expertise on dairy small ruminants, both sheep and goats, under extensive and intensive systems.

We are running courses for clients and engage in the wider sheep and goat scientific community.

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