Breeding Services

Endell Breeding Services

Endell Breeding Services is dedicated to bringing both the traditional techniques of selective breeding together with the most up to-date-technologies now being used to maximise the genetic merit to your herd. So, whether it is advice on what bull to use, computer aided breeding programmes to advanced genomic testing, Endell Breeding Services offer an independent source of advice

Breeding Services

Independent Cattle Breeding Advice

The genetic status of any herd is the foundation on which every management decision whether nutritional, animal health or environmental is based, and to fully optimise your herd’s performance over the long term it is essential that this genetic status is right for your system. The selection of genetically superior sires is one of the cornerstones to herd improvement and profitability and Endell Breeding Services can work with you and your herd to devise independent mating programmes and breeding plans bespoke to your herd goals, milk contract and calving pattern and provide truly independent breeding advice.


Embryo Transfer Services

Maximise the off-spring from your best cows with our embryo transfer service. The use of embryo transfer, potentially in conjunction with genomic testing, creates an opportunity to take your herd’s genetics to the next level by accelerating genetic advancement or creating a secondary income stream.

Endell Breeding Services also provide a ‘cow stopper’ service for repeat breeder cows which uses non-surgical implantation of a cheap, easy calving beef embryo seven days after heat in cows who have received multiple unsuccessful services. Typically, only 30% of cows receiving their fourth or later service will conceive, however by using a ‘cow stopper’ programme this can be cost-effectively improved to 53%. ‘Cow stoppers’ can be used to retain high value genetics within your herd or to help return on rearing investments in young repeat breeder cows.

Genomic Testing

Genomic testing is changing the way dairy producers make management, selection and breeding decisions on their farm. Using genomics, a heifer’s genetic potential is revealed early in life, genetic progress can be accelerated with confidence and herd profitability is enhanced by capitalising on improved performance across a number of traits. Endell Breeding Services can determine the genetic merit of animals through genomic testing and provide comprehensive, independent analysis so this information can be used effectively and deliver a real benefit to your herd.

Tail chalking, artificial insemination and synchronisation packages

Endell Breeding Services offers a full range of practical breeding solutions, from full heat detection programmes and AI to implementation of synchronisation packages.

Endell Breeding Services also offers emergency AI cover, beef semen supply and semen storage facilities.


Bull Semen Collection

Working in conjunction with leading service provider, UK Sires, we can collect semen from your breeding bull and arrange processing into AI straws for use on your own herd or as another income stream to sell your genetics. This professional and safe service can be your ultimate insurance policy against injury - straws in a flask can be the answer to many challenges. If you have not considered this as an option why not speak to Phil to see what this process can offer your herd.

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