TB Testing

Bovine TB Testing

Bovine TB is both a welfare and an economic burden faced by UK agriculture. The eradication of TB from the UK is the ambition of all farmers, vets, consumers and the Government.

The routine testing of animals and pre-movement testing is part of this eradication plan - much research is being undertaken to develop alternative means but at present such testing is necessary.

Endells Farm Department is playing its part in this plan and manages the testing of animals across much of the central southern part of England. We employ specialist TB vets who are constantly monitored by the Government agency responsible for the scheme, APHA.

Our specialist vets and their dedicated support staff arrange and carry out these necessary tests in an efficient manner, minimising the disruption to the farming business as much as possible within the guidelines imposed by UK Government.

Contact the Farm Department office to discuss any aspect of this testing.

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