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At Endells we are committed to improving the health and welfare of all animals under our care and always adopt a proactive approach.

This philosophy can be seen in two ways. Firstly, our work equipping the farmer with the practical skills necessary when they intervene themselves and the knowledge when it is appropriate to do so through the running of technical skill courses. Secondly, in helping farmers understand more of the science and economics behind the challenges of their systems and livestock farming in general through regular Discussion Group meetings and ad hoc open nights focusing on a specific topic of interest to their sector of the industry.

We understand that farmers should have the knowledge and competence to treat their animals on-farm themselves when safe and appropriate to do so. This benefits all of us, the animals will get treated and we can focus on disease prevention and herd health rather than emergencies.

For this to work well we run a number of training courses for farmers and their staff, ensuring that everyone on farm has up to date knowledge and appropriate practical skills in the many different areas of livestock health and management.

An example of this is our calving course with a morning seminar on the theory of natural birth and problems associated with difficult calvings and an afternoon a calving practical where the practical skills can be perfected, and the use of calving aids practiced.

Other courses offered include;

  • Foot Trimming
  • Calf Health and Management
  • Youngstock Health and Management
  • Safe Use of Medicines, understanding antibiotic use
  • AI courses – Full and Refresher
  • Dairy Fertility and Heat Detection
  • Mastitis Control
  • High Herd Health Status – Infectious disease control, Johnes, BVD

Although these courses are useful for all levels of experience as we always have new things to learn, many of our courses have been found to be particularly useful for new staff members, young workers or whole team catch up training and team bonding meetings.

The regular Discussion Groups we are involved in and the ad hoc open nights run by Endells focus on specific subjects we feel are of interest to our clients and are very useful in bringing new techniques and approaches to the awareness of our farmers. Such meetings occur both on farm, if real examples are required or inside if the subject covered is more technical – neither approach being dry and academic and focus on transferring really useful knowledge which farmers can implement.

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