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Block Calving – To Estrumate or CIDR?

Six-week in-calf rate is an important marker of reproductive performance in seasonal calving dairy herds. During autumn 2019, George undertook a research project, comparing the usefulness of CIDRs for treatment of cows that had not been showing signs of heat before the beginning of the breeding season. In this presentation George discusses his results and the take-home messages from this project.

Bovine Respiratory Disease Prevention

Further to the unfortunate postponement of our meeting on Bovine Respiratory Disease that was to have been held earlier this year, Dr Ailsa Milnes from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has kindly provided us with a short narrated presentation summarising her talk with a focus on effective BRD prevention and management.

Colostrum Management in Beef Calves

Much less is known about failure of passive transfer (FPT) in beef calves than dairy calves, but the importance of colostrum is undeniable regardless of the system. Attention must be given to ensuring suckler beef calves get enough colostrum and the main areas of colostrum management (Quantity, Quality, Quickly) can still be controlled on suckler farms.

Upcoming Events

As a result of the evolving COVID-19 situation we have decided to postpone all of our upcoming meetings.

Whilst for the vast majority of us this will be nothing worse than a bad cold, we all have vulnerable loved ones in our lives for whom infection could be life threatening - it is to protect them that we’ve decided to postpone.

We will confirm new dates once known.

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